Who We Are

Our goal here at Sandy Ridge is to help families G.R.O.W. in their faith toward Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.

In order to accomplish this we…

Gather with each other,
Reach others and
Offer ourselves through service according to the
Word of God.


Meet The Pastors

Eddie Powers, Senior Pastor

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Tony Crowley, Associate Pastor

Tony Crowley

Tony has been a member of Sandy Ridge for 10 years. He has served as Deacon and has been our Associate Pastor for four years. Before coming to Sandy Ridge, Tony was a Chaplain at Union Correctional Facility Monroe NC where he did Prison Ministries. He is also the current Chaplain with Itibapishe Itib Hollo with Scout Of America Order Of Arrow. Tony is retired from UCPS. In his free time, Tony enjoys spending time with his wife, Patsy, and son, Payton.

Brian “Bubba” Nance, Family Pastor

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 Meet the Worship Team

Tim Rape, Music Director

Tim Rape

Tim has been a member of Sandy Ridge since 2009. He has served in numerous positions including Sunday School Director, Church Custodian, and on various committees. He is also the Choir Director and has been involved in the music ministry at Sandy Ridge since 2009. Prior to coming to Sandy Ridge, Tim was involved in music ministry for almost 25 years. Tim is a Project Manager at McKim & Creed in Charlotte. He has been married to his wife Judy for 28 years and they have two sons. In his free time, Tim enjoys spending time with his family, music, gardening, and grilling.

Logan Ellis, Music Director

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Logan has been a member of Sandy Ridge since he was a small child. Since then, he has sung in the choir, played roles in kid’s musicals, and lead the church in worship through music. Logan now assists in leading worship by leading the Praise Team, directing kid’s musicals, and assisting in leading the choir. He also assists with the Rooted Youth. Logan is a 5th Grade Teacher at a local UCPS Elementary School. In his free time, Logan enjoys traveling, playing golf, and having fun with his dog, Luna.

Elisabeth Smith, Pianist

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Meet the Deacons

Joe Helms Jr., Last Names A-B

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David Estes, Last Names C-D

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Anthony Deese, Last Names E-G

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Jeff Meyers, Last Names Ha-He

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Ron Helms, Last Names Hi-Lo

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Seth Spurlock, Last Names M-P

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Jarrett Smith, Last Names Q-R

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Josh Rorie, Last Names S

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Joe Helms Jr., Last Names T-Z

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